Man Completes Massive Playhouse for Dogs

All pet owners want to give their pet a comfortable place to eat, play, and sleep. But Aaron Franks may have just out-done every other pet owner on the planet.

After spending two years building a habitat for his four pit bulls: Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia, Franks is finished building what amounts to a mini-mansion for dogs and what may be the most luxurious accommodations a group of dogs has ever had.

With three kids and four dogs, space inside his family home was at a premium, so Franks took the space under his deck and turned it into a lavish home for his dogs.

“We have a deck off the back of house, three teens, and four big dogs running around,” Franks explains. “It was tight so I decided to build it under the deck and have dog doors lead down into their own space.”

The dog habit includes a small pool for taking a dip, dangling rope for playing, a rooftop with a view, padded cushions for lounging around, a designated sleeping area, and even a garden that includes a wooden sculpture shaped like fire hydrant.


The dog home also has three swings, a staircase, and a spot where the dogs have access to food and water, not to mention a designated location for when nature calls.

Perhaps the most amazing part is that Franks had no prior experience building something so elaborate.

“I’ve never built anything like it before. I just winged it – no plans, just a vision,” he says. “It wasn’t difficult, but it took over two years due to financial reasons. Every month I would go out and and do a little more, sometimes just a few boards at a time.”


Franks says that building the home for was his dogs was about more than creating more space in his home; it was a labor of love.

“My love for dogs is what inspired me,” he says. “I feel like after all they have done for me I wanted to do something special for them.”

Franks has shared pictures of the dog mansion on his Facebook page. If you’re a pet owner, just know that the bar has been raised.