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Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With These Three Innovative Cleaning Tips!

No one looks forward to doing some deep cleaning, but it has to be done. Cleaning can become an extremely stressful situation, especially when it comes to stubborn bathroom stains. Scrubbing with harsh chemicals for hours on end will take a toll on your body and mind, and you can never get it quite as cleaned as you hoped!

Cleaning the bathroom with ease is possible, you just have to get a little innovative with your technique and the products you use to make the tub and sink spotless. Sometimes all it takes it some thinking outside the box to get things as good as new. Use these three cleaning tips to get your bathroom clean without breaking your back!

Attack Soap Scum With Kitchen Products

Cooking spray is good for more than baking a pan of delicious cookies. Use non-stick cooking spray to clean you shower walls or wherever there is a buildup of soap scum. Leave the spray for five to ten minutes and then remove it with cold water. Watch the scum disappear before your eyes!

Keep Your Bathroom Faucet Striking With Baby Oil

Baby oil keeps your infant’s skin silky smooth, and it can also give your bathroom faucets a glossy shine. Wet a cloth with warm water and wipe off the faucet. Pour a drop of baby oil on another cloth and apply it to all of your faucets for a stunning shine!

Use Vinegar To Revitalize Your Showerhead

Use distilled vinegar to make your showerhead look brand new. Fill a small bag with distilled vinegar and wrap it around the showerhead. Use a piece of string to tie the bag in place so that no vinegar leaks out of the bag. Keep the bag on your showerhead overnight to make it shine like you just brought it home from the store!