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Locked Your Keys In Your Car?  No Problem

Let’s face it, locking your keys in your car is not on the top of anyone’s way to start or end a workday.

However, there is a way to reduce your headache, without paying out to a locksmith.  A little hack that locksmiths would rather most motorists did not know.   And all the hack involves is having a ball of string.

Image: Pinterest

First off, remember that this will not work on all door locks.  This method is primarily for those vehicles that have a push-down lock stem type of mechanism.   If your vehicle has this type of mechanism, then read on.

First, you will need to take the string and tie a knot in it.  Make sure that you leave a loop the size of your finger in the end.  You will then need to wiggle the string around the right side of the driver’s window.   The idea is to get the string through the small gap between the window and the window seal.  This will be difficult, but it can be done with patience.

Holding the string firmly, wiggle it back and forth, working it further between the window and window seal, in through the window, so that it will dangle on the inside of the car.  This will cause the string to work downwards towards the inside lock.

Image: YouTube

Now, this part can be a little difficult.  You will need to work to maneuver the loop down and over the lock.  When it is adequately placed over the lock stem, you will need to tighten the loop by pulling carefully on both ends of the string.  When you feel you have the loop securely gripping the lock stem, gently pull on the string, pulling the lock stem up as well.

Viola!  Your door is open, and you are not out any money to a locksmith.  A true win-win situation.