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Little Known Facts About Chip and Joanna Gaines That’ll Surprise Fixer Upper Fans

If you love homes and home renovation, there’s no better channel to watch than HGTV. And while this beloved home and garden TV channel has plenty of awesome programming, one show stole America’s attention: Fixer Upper.

Ever since it first aired on HGTV, Fixer Upper and its charismatic hosts have been fan favorites. From watching the married duo of Chip and Joanna Gaines fix up old homes in need of TLC to getting insight into the in-depth renovations process, Fixer Upper was a fast favorite — and it inspired plenty of people to start fixing up and flipping homes of their own. Audiences just loved watching Chip and Joanna turn each home into unbelievable treasures with a lot of hard work and some incredible design know-how.

But just a few years after it began, Fixer Upper came to an end when the Gaines decided to devote their time to family and new ventures. However, that didn’t stop fans from following along with this inspiring couple as they opened new Magnolia businesses and franchises. Whether they’re renovating homes, creating new product lines for big box retailers, or unveiling their very own TV network, one thing remains the same: the Gaines family is captivating and curious.

Chip and Joanna Met After Chip Saw Her Photo at an Auto Repair Shop

Chip and Joanna certainly didn’t have one of those “love at first sight” moments in their relationship — well, at least not in person. In fact, when Chip decided he’d like to take Joanna on a date, he hadn’t even met her yet.

Back in 2001, Chip ran into car trouble and stopped by a Firestone tire shop that happened to be owned by Joanna’s dad. He saw a photo of Joanna there, and he knew he had to meet her. So, even after Chip’s car was back up and running, he kept returning to the tire shop until he finally met her.

Jason Trbovich / Flickr

Their First Date Wasn’t Anything Special

First dates can be rough, and even the best love stories can have difficult beginnings. That’s exactly what happened in Chip and Joanna’s relationship.

As the couple mentions in their memoir, The Magnolia Story, their first date had some unexpected hiccups. With late arrivals, way too much talking, and some bored, uninterested shrugs, this couple almost didn’t make it past that first dinner together. While they both had a good time, there wasn’t anything special that signalled marriage right away.

Both Chip and Joanna admit that they didn’t immediately have feelings for one another, and Joanna acknowledged that she “certainly didn’t fall head over heels for him or anything like that.”

Chris Arace / Flickr