Land O’Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter Exists

Butter is a staple condiment that is in refrigerators across the globe. It’s a shelf stable and easy to use condiment that can be used on a variety of different foods, from the classic piece of toast to mashed potatoes or other vegetables.

At the same time, a sugary topping like cinnamon sugar is dominating the food market right now, as cinnamon sugar is available as a seasoning for the first time ever. That’s right, now you can buy a canister of cinnamon sugar to use as a topping for ice cream, desserts or really anything you want, and it’s available right on the baking aisle of your local grocery store.

Land O’Lakes has taken this new cinnamon sugar craze just one step further, by announcing their new Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, (which is exactly as it sounds) a combination of butter and cinnamon sugar. This new product is available exclusively in the spreadable butter form and not a sticks of butter.

There are sure to be some interesting baking adventures to be had in the kitchen with this cinnamon sugar butter spread. Also, Texas Roadhouse fans will be happy that they have another option to getting this buttery, sugary topping.


Fan have already spotted this sugary spread on Walmart shelves in the refrigerated section for just under two dollars per container. Right now, this spread is only available in a size and a half-ounce size. Fans will be interested to know that Fall 2020 is actually not the first time that this product has appeared on store shelves.

This cinnamon sugar butter has actually been around for a few years, so this new resurgence means that the product shouldn’t be a limited edition item. Head to your local grocery store and see if you can find this new buttery sugary spread.