Krispy Kreme Unveils Stuffed Birthday Cake Donut

Krispy Kreme is one of the most popular donut franchises in the country, and they are well-known for their over the top donut flavors and unique food combinations. Holidays and special occasions are a great excuse to market a new donut, and people tend to flock in droves to try the new concoction.

Another day Krispy Kreme loves to celebrate is its birthday. This year, 2019, the donut brand will be 82, and they are releasing a birthday cake inspired donut, with a twist. The birthday cake donut won’t just taste like a birthday cake. The new donut will be a glazed donut with rainbow and party sprinkles on top. The top of the donut will also be glazed with red strawberry icing.

The new twist is that the donut will be a stuffed donut, and the stuffing will be birthday cake batter. So customers get the taste of both a popular glazed donut and the sweet birthday cake batter flavor, along with the crunch of the strawberry icing and sprinkles.


Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme, revealed in a press release that “Krispy Kreme fans love to celebrate our birthday. They really make it their party, which is good with us. We’re continuing our birthday tradition of the $1 dozen deal, which is great. But this year for the first time we are filling an Original Glazed doughnut with birthday cake batter … and that’s even better.”

As a true treat to customers, this new birthday cake donut will actually be available for an entire week instead of just Krispy Kreme’s birthday. Customers can try this birthday cake donut experience  while it’s available from July 15 to July 21, at all participating Krispy Kreme locations.

There is no official retail price for the birthday cake stuffed donut, although the new donut comes during the $1 for a dozen glazed donuts promotion, so customers can get a dozen birthday cake donuts for just $1 starting July 19.