Krispy Kreme Offers Salted Caramel and Nutella Stuffed Donut in the U.K.

Donuts are a delicious dessert that can also double as a breakfast option, and pairs well with hot drinks like hot chocolate and coffee. There are some major donut restaurant chains in the United States that have expanded overseas, and with expansion comes more diverse menu options.

Krispy Kreme is one of these beloved donut chains, and they are known for their signature glazed donut. Now, the company is putting a new spin on this classic favorite but stuffing it full of sweet and savory goodness. The first new donut the brand is introducing is a nutella stuffed glazed donut, which is a glazed donut filled with the popular hazelnut chocolate, which is also drizzled on top of the donut for an added flavor.

The second new donut flavor is a salted caramel donut, which is a glazed donut with a salted caramel filling with added topping. The new donuts have been marketed as “the magic is in the middle” and the donuts have been named the Nutty Chocolatta and the Salted Caramel pastry.


These new stuffed donuts are a real treat, but right now they are only available in one market: The United Kingdom. The new treats have actually been available to buy since February 7, but there wasn’t mass news coverage of the new donuts. Krispy Kreme did confirm that the new stuffed flavors will only be available for a limited time, and is expected to stop being available by the beginning of April.

Each individual donut is priced at $2.47, and customers who have purchased the donuts already have revealed that these donuts are really stuffed full of filling, so you are definitely getting what you pay for. To celebrate the new flavors, the brand actually hosted a popup in Leicester Square in London at the end of February.