Krispy Kreme Is Bringing Back A Holiday Favorite That Is Sure To Tickle The Taste Buds

When we think of the holidays, sweets are foremost on the list.  Whether they be pies, cakes, cookies or candy, everyone but everyone looks forward to the sweet and spicy treats of the holidays.  However, one particular flavor has continued to be a favorite and that is gingerbread.  Now, thanks to Krispy Kreme, we can indulge in our favorite flavor of cookie, only in donut form.

In the spirit of the holidays, Krispy Kreme has brought back their fan favorite gingerbread glazed donuts—but only for a limited time.  This holiday’s inspired sweet treat features a gingerbread spiced donut consisting of cinnamon and sugar and coated in a gingerbread molasses combination of glaze.


This is the second year that Krispy Kreme has offered this new donut, as last year was when they were initially removed.  The gingerbread donut also marked the first time that Krispy Kreme had changed both the donut and the glaze on one of its newest additions creating a whole new menu item.

Those who have had the chance to taste and experience the donut, state that it is not quite as spicy in flavor as you would expect, but are still more than worth taking the time to try.  If gingerbread just isn’t your thing, the donut maker is offering a couple of other holiday-inspired donuts for your enjoyment.

Image: News of the day

Some of the other choices include Santa’s Belly, a chocolate Kreme-filled doughnut that has been dipped in red icing, as well as their Ugly Sweater, which is an original donut dipped in green icing and decorated in red sprinkles to resemble a sweater.

This holiday season, make sure to try the gingerbread donuts, or even the other holiday-inspired donuts as well, however, you better hurry because these donuts are only available until Monday, December 24th.