KitKat Drumsticks are the New Dessert for Chocolate Lovers

Take a break and have a KitKat, with some ice cream as well. Popular candy KitKat is expanding beyond the candy aisle and entering the ice cream aisle. The company recently unveiled a KitKat Drumstick, which is the well-known vanilla ice cream cone covered in chocolate, but now it has been mixed with KitKat chocolate and wafers.

The new KitKat drumsticks are available in four packs in the freezer section. According to social media users, the new flavor is currently available at Kroger, but it’s not clear if they are selling these new drumsticks exclusively or not. It’s likely however, that these new chocolate drumsticks will be available online soon.

Regular drumsticks are vanilla ice cream cones with a hard chocolate shell, and bits of roasted peanuts in the chocolate, with a small bit of chocolate in the bottom of the ice cream cone. The KitKat drumstick is a vanilla ice cream cone with a bit of chocolate in the tip, with a chocolate fudge center in the middle of the ice cream. The KitKat drumstick is also covered in chocolate, with little bits of the wafers in the chocolate shell, just like the KitKat candy bar.


This is not the first time that Nestle has released a candy-inspired drumstick ice cream cone, although it is the first time KitKat has been used. According to one consumer, “This ice cream is slightly thicker in consistency compared to a classic Drumstick cone.” These are not to be confused with KitKat ice cream, which is vanilla ice cream with bits of KitKat bars chopped up in it, which is sold in grocery stores across the country in large half gallon sizes.

Nestle hasn’t released a comment about when these KitKat drumsticks may be available in more stores or what the official retail price is, but they are not expected to be limited edition.

Source: KOST 103.5