KitKat Announces New Dark Chocolate and Mint Flavor

KitKat is one of the most beloved chocolate candy bars in existence and has the catchiest theme song. These chocolate candy bars are a staple on convenience store shelves across America and are famous in Japan for their wide selection of different flavors and interesting combinations.

Now, KitKat is introducing a new flavor to American consumers, and not only that, but this new flavor will be a permanent KitKat flavor. The mint and dark chocolate KitKat Duos is the name of the new bar, which is a combination of traditional dark chocolate dipped in mint chocolate for a brown and bright green mix of chocolatey goodness.

The signature wafer cookie is inside each KitKat as well, and so it the candy logo. The packaging of this new KitKat duo also ditches the red, and includes a silver overall package with a half green and half dark brown background with the text laid over the top of it.


The news of this new KitKat comes just days after the image of the packaging was revealed on social media accounts. Also, KitKat has already begun shipping the new bar out to certain media outlets for review. The KitKat Duo dark chocolate and mint bar is expected to arrive on store shelves across America in December 2019.

The mint and dark chocolate flavor is not only going to be a permanent flavor, but it’s the first permanent flavor that the chocolate brand has released in over a decade. Most KitKat flavors tend to be limited releases or seasonal flavors for holidays.

Christopher Kinnard, KIT KAT senior brand manager said, “Our fans in the U.S. have been requesting new KIT KAT flavors and we’re excited to share we are adding to the KIT KAT family with the launch of KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate.”

Source: Kit Kat