Kit Kat Teases 5 New Flavors for Release in 2020

Kit Kat has always been marketed as the chocolate bar which is great for a break. Kit Kat is also one of the most versatile chocolate candies ever created, as it comes in dozens and dozens of new flavors. Now, customers will be able to choose from even more flavors for their chocolate break.

Nestle, the iconic chocolate company has been releasing new flavors all the time, including a new mint chocolate bar set for release this month, and in Japan, there are dozens of special flavors available in stores nationwide. Now, it appears that four new flavors will be released in 2020, and they appear to be exclusive to Walmart stores in the United States.

In a leaked photo, the new Kit Kat candy bar flavors have been revealed in their original packaging. The new flavors include chocolate cream pie, orange creamsicle, cotton candy, and cherry cola.  Each Kit Kat will be sold and priced regularly just like other Kit Kat flavors. There is no word on when these new flavors will drop in 2020, or if they will expand outside of Walmart stores.

Source: twisted

Unlike the original and traditional red packaging of the candy bars, these new flavors appear to be in all white. Then, the traditional Kit Kat logo appears in each label in the red and cream colors, but the background color reflects the flavor of the Kit Kat. The orange creamsicle is orange, the cotton candy is blue and pink, the chocolate cream pie is dark brown and the cherry cola is sort of a cherry red.

In addition to these four new flavors, social media users have recently shared images of an Apple Pie Kit Kat label, so it’s possible that this will become another new flavor that appears on store shelves sometime in 2020.