Jude Law to Play Captain Hook in Peter Pan Remake

Disney has been seeing a string of successes in revamping its animated features into live-action films (or CGI remakes in the case of The Lion King). After the success of Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland (2010) came the wave of such pictures as The Jungle Book (2016), Pete’s Dragon (2016), Beauty & the Beast (2017), and so on. These films have made plenty of money so it’s no surprise they keep chugging away with their future features including Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and more.

Peter Pan is on the horizon for Disney, despite the film having been remade numerous times over the years by various studios. Such examples include Hook (1991), Peter Pan (2003), Pan (2015), and the most recent being Wendy (2020). But that won’t stop Disney from giving it their new coat of nostalgic glaze with a project currently titled Peter Pan and Wendy. While we’re just starting to get the details on this project, Variety has reported that Jude Law has apparently been cast in the role of Captain Hook, the antagonistic pirate of Neverland who aims to defeat Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys.

The film is being directed by David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon) who also co-wrote the screenplay with Toby Halbrooks. Similar to Pete’s Dragon, Lowery has stated that his film will be a mix of exciting adventure and grounded emotion as well. Whether or not this will be a theatrical film or head straight for Disney+ remains to be seen but it’s a fair bet that Disney is hoping to place this film in theaters considering what huge blockbuster numbers they’ve had in 2019 with Aladdin and The Lion King.