Jim Beaver Of Supernatural Added To Amazon’s The Boys

If you are a tried and true fan of the mega-series Supernatural, and you decided to check out Amazon’s freshman show, The Boys, then you were probably a little more than over the moon with the season 1 finale.

However, a little backstory first.  Before Supernatural took its place in television history as one of the longest-running drama series to date, it was the brainchild of its creator, Eric Kripke.  Kripke also served as the series showrunner for the first five seasons.  After season five, Kripke handed the reins over but has still made sure he was in some way involved in the online adventures of the Winchester brothers.

Image: Variety

Although Supernatural continues to have its own style, Kripke’s newest project is admittedly in stark contrast to both the style and tone of his brainchild.  Amazon’s The Boys is an adaptation of what some refer to as an uber-violent series of comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Now, back to the season finale.  Supernatural fans were sure to notice the easter egg that was present in the finale, that of a well-beloved character and on-again-off-again cast member of the show.  The familiar face was that of the lovably gruff, but ever so loyal Bobby Singer, as portrayed by actor Jim Beaver.

Beaver’s character began with Supernatural in season one, and as fate would have it, his character was named after one of the show’s executive producers.  From his first appearance, Bobby served as both a father figure and mentor to the brothers, as well as an expert and veteran of all things supernatural and spooky.

Image: Variety

Fans were shocked when in season 7 Bobby became a victim of the season baddies, Leviathan, and was written out of the series.  Many thought the move was both controversial and entirely out of the blue.  However, Beaver has returned to the series on multiple occasions, keeping the “spirit” of Bobby alive.

Now, to fans delight, even though Supernatural will be wrapping up the series this falls for its final season, they will still see Bobby—the politician, not the supernatural expert—as he has been confirmed, by Kripke himself, to be returning in the second season of The Boys