Jeffrey Dean Morgan Slated For Return To 300th Episode Of Supernatural

There are just two short days before the Supernatural reunion that fans have been begging and pleading for over the last twelve seasons.  Viewers will finally witness the return of the matriarch of the Winchester family—father John Winchester himself, portrayed by the magnificent actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jeffrey Dean (as many fans refer to him) has been busy since his early days on the cult tv series Supernatural, with his most recent work has been portraying the villain Negan on another hit tv series The Walking Dead.

For years the producers of Supernatural have honestly been trying to bring John Winchester back, but due to Jeffery Dean’s tight work schedules, an opportunity never presented itself.  That recently changed, however, and the timing could not be more perfect because the episode he will be returning for is the monumental 300th of the series.

Image: TVLine

In the upcoming “Lebanon” named for the town where the Men of Letters secret bunker is located, and where Sam and Dean took up residence several seasons ago, it has been reported that the brother hunters will be granted a wish.  The result of this wish is said to be that of their family being back together, for the first time since Sam was a six-month-old infant, which sets up for Jeffrey Dean’s return.

Image: TVLine

One major theme that seems to have run throughout the entire fourteen seasons of Supernatural is the examination of both light and dark when it comes to the Winchester boys.  It is pretty much a given that if not for the Winchesters, many people would have met their deaths, and the world would have met its end several times over.  However, even though they have saved hundreds of people and the world as a whole, they have endured danger, pain, suffering, and personal loss.

With the upcoming 300th episode, fans can only hope that the boys will get their own little slice of happiness, in their reuniting with their parents as a family, no matter how long that may be.  I know a personal fan of the show for the fourteen years, I don’t think the producers of the show could have come up with a better theme for the episode.

The episode is scheduled to air on the CW network on Thursday, February 7th at 8 pm EST.