Jared Padalecki Star Of Supernatural Arrested On Double Assault Charges

As the final season of the mega-hit tv series Supernatural has begun, we are all feeling the pains of the show ending. However, it seems none are feeling them more so than that of series star Jared Padalecki.

For years, fifteen to be exact, the series two main actors, Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have achieved what most actors of mega-hits haven’t—they have kept their noses clean and out of any form of legal trouble. It seems that, at least for Padalecki, the fifteen-year streak has come much like the series, to an end.

Image: In Touch Weekly

Law enforcement reports state that Padalecki was not only arrested over the weekend but charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault. It seems that the Supernatural star out an Austin bar and became involved in an argument.

According to police documents, Padalecki was patronizing the Stereotype bar in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 27th, when he was escorted outside the building following a verbal fight with his fellow patrons of the bar. After having allegedly struck both the establishments general manager and assistant manager, Padalecki was taken into custody.

Padalecki was not required to remain in custody, as indicated by the Travis County Jail’s online records. As a result, at this time is being reported that the production of the final season of Padalecki’s hit show, Supernatural, is not currently feeling any impact or effect as fallout from Padalecki’s arrest.

Image: Entertainment Weekly

Padalecki, along with co-star Ackles, has been the cornerstone of the series, which airs on the CW, since episode one. As of this writing, the series is said to be almost halfway through the production of its final 20 episode season.

As fate would have it, Padalecki was on a break from filming and had gone back home to Austin, where the incident happened. He is, however, scheduled to be back in Vancouver to resume filming Supernatural later on this week.