How To Use Self-Hypnosis To Chill Out

Self-hypnosis is an increased consciousness characterized by profound relaxation and increased receptivity to suggestion. It is a matter of winning, not losing, the control of your subconscious, which cannot make the difference between real or imagined experiences.

Linking your brain so close to your body can lead to an accurate physical result. Many studies show that just imagining oneself practicing a sport or skill causes electromyographic activity in your muscles, telling them to shoot according to a particular model.


The clearer you can “see” yourself doing your sport and achieving the result you desire, the better you will be able to realize your vision physically. Most elite athletes practice visualization in preparation for an event, using all their senses to articulate what the experience will look like and what they want.

Self-hypnosis can take you one step further to develop new habits and behaviors while helping to release feelings and practices that are unproductive or even destructive, with the goal of success. Follow these simple steps to follow it yourself.

Get Comfy: You need to sit in a quiet place without distractions. “Sit on a soft chair with your legs and feet crossed.” You can also lie down but do not fall asleep.

Relax From Head To Toe: Imagine some hot object has passed through your consciousness. “Focus awareness on any tension you find and release it sequentially.”

Digging Deeper: Imagine that you are at your favorite spot and try to relax. The moment you become relaxed, get into deep mental and physical relaxation.

Be Suggestive: Try speaking to your subconscious: The suggestions are simple but clear statements on what can be done differently in a challenging situation. It can help you achieve your goals.

The Silver Linings Playbook: Try imaging your ideal scenario in detail. See yourself lifting this weight, gaining this race, and doing the perfect pirouette.

Return To Your Usual Level Of Alertness: When you are sure of coming back to normal, you need to come back slowly.


There is no set of prescriptions for self-hypnosis in terms of frequency or duration. But the more you practice, the easier it becomes to achieve this state of hypnosis and the more effective it will be.