Home Hacks

How to Save on Home Decor

Moving into a new home can be pretty harsh on the bank account. It seems like there’s always something you need. We all know that decor can be one of the more expensive items on that list, but there are some ways to cut the cost and still make your home beautiful! A really fun and easy way is by doing some wall art of your own.

Whether you like flower paintings or are more contemporary and like geometric shapes, you can create masterpieces that will surely receive compliments! All you need are some blank canvases, paint, and either tape or leaves/flowers depending on what you’re going for.

Let’s say you just want some neat shapes to add some cool design to your decor- using painters tape you can create any style you like on the blank canvas and then paint the entire canvas- that’s literally it! If you want to add more color, paint the canvas before and let it dry before placing the tape over to apply the next color. Then, you will have a pop of color to your decor as well!

If you want more of the “nature” feel with plants and flowers, you can actually use leaves from your lawn or even the fake ones from the Dollar Tree, it’s that easy and inexpensive! Using the same technique as above, paint the canvas if desired, place the plant on the canvas and paint some more. You can even get creative with painting separate canvases that will be placed next to one another on the wall and create a huge design!