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How to Get These Awesome Rainbow Shoes

If you’re obsessed with tie-dye, rainbow or really just anything colorful at all, this is a must-do craft for you! It’s an easy way to add pops of color to your wardrobe and there are endless designs and color combinations you can try out. With heading into summer and kids having a lot of time on their hands – this could be one project you will want to have to keep them busy!

Made In Michigan

You will need plain white sneakers with laces removed, sharpie markers of all different colors (or just whatever colors you are wanting!), and rubbing alcohol. The hardest part for this craft is trying to figure out what design you want. Do you want to go full tie-dye and use every color? Do you just want some of your shoe colorful and the rest white? Maybe just a two color combo? There really are limitless options to go for on this one!

Once you’ve decided, start creating it! Take whatever markers you have chosen and act like the shoe is your canvas. Be sure to leave some space in between colors as they will bleed once the alcohol has been added.

After your colors have been added and you are happy with your design, add in the rubbing alcohol. I would use some type of dropper to apply it as it will allow for a little bit more control. Just drop it in between the entire line of the colors and it will spread and start drawing the colors together, very cool process! Once you’ve added the alcohol everywhere now you just let them dry and they’re ready to be worn.