Home Hacks

Home Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

With the ongoing stay-at-home situations, most Americans are to the point of going just a little bit crazy from it all. 

As such, they do not need areas or items in their homes adding to this feeling of walking on the edge. 

Here are a few helpful hints for when things around the house become a—well—nuisance.

Coffee Pot Needs Cleaning

Replace the filter in your coffee pot, and fill the water chamber with a quart of white vinegar.  Then, run the coffee maker through its normal brewing cycle. 

Once done, pour another quart of vinegar into the chamber, but this time allow it to sit for half an hour.  Run the maker through its normal brewing cycle, and when finished, run the cycle two more times with pots of fresh water.

Image: Rug Pad USA

No-Slip And Falls

If you find no matter how much you try, there is always one or two rugs in your home that are a slip and fall waiting to happen?  This can be easily fixed, whether the rug is on a wooden or linoleum floor, or on a carpeted one. 

Simply visit your local carpet store and purchase yourself some padding.  Place the padding under your rug, and not only will you have a safer rug, but your rug’s life will be increased as well.

Toothpicks Mark The Spot

You find that it is time to repaint a wall. However, you spent hours arranging the pictures on the wall to perfection.  No worries!  When you take the photos down and remove the nails, place toothpicks in the holes. 

You may then proceed to paint over the toothpicks, and when you are ready to rehang the pictures, simply remove them and replace them with your original nails.

Image: ThriftyFun

That Dreaded Glass Ring

You turn your back for a minute, and someone sets a glass on the table, leaving the dreaded unsightly white ring.  Not a problem!  Mix up a thin paste containing salad oil and salt. 

With the use of your fingers, massage the paste gently into the ring.  Let the mixture sit for an hour or so, then simply wipe it off, with a clean cloth.