Has A Friend On Facebook blocked you?

If asked, many of today’s media users, they would be more often than not be hard-pressed to remember what it was like in a time before Facebook.  Those very same individuals would be able to remember what a great resource Facebook was when it first hit the internet.

Touted as a means to keep in touch with, or reconnect with, family, as well as friends and loved ones, anyone and everyone, flocked to the media platform.  However, the Facebook of those days is not the Facebook of today.  Sure, some still use the platform as it was meant to be used, as a way to connect.

But, the method and reason for the connection is very different in today’s world.   Users of today find their pages filled with pictures from people they have never met in person, as well as memes and multiple political put-downs.

Image: Ask Dave Taylor

Then there are the fights.  Facebook has become the social media version of what can only be referred to as a battleground.  When friends, and even family, get miffed or upset at one another, the first place they take the disagreement to is—you got it—Facebook.

However, unlike in real life, face to face style, on Facebook, there is the option to block an individual.  So, the question remains, how do you indeed know if YOU have been blocked?

The first method to determine this is to check your friend’s list.  If you click on a friend’s profile, or their profile picture, although it is still visible will be “unclickable.”

Another method is to do a simple search for your friend’s name in the search bar.  If you are still friends, the search will indicate so.  However, if on the profile it states “add friend,” well you have been blocked or even unfriended.

Lastly, in some cases, the individual will not show up in the results of a search at all.  If you think maybe this is a glitch, ask a mutual friend to see if the individual shows up for them.  If they do, then you have been blocked.