Halo Top Just Released a Line of Ice Cream Popsicles

Ice cream is one of the most diverse and delicious desserts available and now it’s about to be available in a whole new form. This Valentine’s Day, customers will not only be able to purchase pints of Halo Top, but they will also be able to purchase Halo Top ice cream in popsicle form.

This new ice cream product is being marketed as a healthy popsicle, as the maximum amount of calories in each popsicle is between fifty or sixty calories, depending on which flavor you choose. The new popsicles will also be available in the freezer section of all grocery stores across the country, and they will come in boxes with six individual popsicles inside.

Right now, there will be four different flavors of Halo Top popsicles available. The first flavor is mint chip, which is mint ice cream with chocolate chips in it. The second flavor is peanut butter swirl, which is vanill ice cream, with swirls of creamy peanut butter mixed in. The third flavor is the ever popular chocolate chip cookie dough, which is cookie dough flavored ice cream with balls of cookie dough sprinkled inside.


The fourth and final flavor is actually a totally new flavor for Halo Top, and that is strawberry cheesecake. These new flavor popsicles are debuting in the Midwest first, and then expanding to Texas and California. The east part of the country will see these popsicles last, and they will be nationwide by May.

Eager fans who want to try these new popsicles without the wait, can actually go to the Halo Top online shop and order some to be delivered right to your door! In fact, for Valentine’s Day, Halo Top is promoting the new popsicles by giving away over thirty thousand free bars to customers at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.