Feel Good

Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act

Wino Problems

How about that sad moment when your favorite creature shatters your favorite bottle of wine? At least this booze bust happened on a concrete floor instead of a light-colored carpet. Grapes are actually toxic to dogs, though, so it’s good that there aren’t any red stains on this doggo’s mouth.


Time For Furniture Shopping

Time and time again, chew toys and rawhide snacks won’t get the job done. Some dogs just seem to be more interested in normal people stuff! Let’s just hope that the grandparents weren’t too attached to these chairs. Dog destruction is the perfect excuse to go furniture shopping.


Religious Symbolism

There’s probably no deeper meaning here—no religious symbolism or anything. If the books in question were old, then they probably smelled super interesting. No matter what, though, they’re obviously the perfect toy for this pooch. Would it be sinful to buy another one for the sake of his entertainment?