Feel Good

Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act

It Wasn’t Me

It’s not totally clear whether dogs can feel the same complex emotions of shame and guilt that we do. After all, shame and guilt are tied to responsibility and consciousness. Dogs are able to experience basic emotions such as excitement, fear, anger, and love, according to Modern Dog magazine.

Liberal America

A Smorgasbord All Across The Floor

If any of the scenes here look familiar to you, why not search the web for a few ways to dog-proof your home? There’s surely a way to redirect your dog’s attention to the stuff that matters—squeaking toys, meat-scented treats, and all that good stuff.


Can I Get You Anything?

Some cats and dogs are spooked by little sounds and big appliances—you know, everything from the doorbell to the vacuum. Meanwhile, other animals are only satisfied by climbing into the refrigerator and nosing around. Some of us definitely know what it’s like to fear a pet’s freaky ability to open cabinets and doors.