Feel Good

Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Cats and dogs alike are both guilty of Christmas tree sketchiness. With all of the shiny ornaments, the jingly things, and the ribbons, our four-legged furballs must look at our holiday decorations and feel confused. If the awesome toys weren’t for them, why would we put them up?

The Dodo

All Destructive, All Day

Seriously, when dog lovers claim that cats are “the worst,” you have to wonder if they’ve just been lucky to have well-behaved dogs. The canine species can get into just as much trouble as the most careless cat, and they also have the muscle to do much more damage.


The Aftermath

One more teachable moment! How much do you know about pet insurance? Pet owners might never consider that their companion could end up with sky-high medical bills if anything were to go wrong. Emergency medicine can cost thousands of dollars. Paying for pet insurance will keep you covered should anything terrible ever happen.