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Going Out With Your Girlfriends Will Keep You Healthy

Okay, we have gone way too long without a new study, so we thought we would catch you up with this one.  According to new data, it has been found that women were shown to be much healthier overall when they made it a point to go out with their girlfriends at least twice a week.

The study was reportedly performed by a group of University of Oxford researchers.  The data involved in the study showed what a woman had to do to achieve happiness in most, if not all the aspects of her life.  The results indicated that if a woman felt the freedom to go out and spend time with her girlfriends at least twice a week, she was much more content.

The psychologist that headed up the study, renowned Robin Dunbar, stated that the research verified that women are overall more healthy, with an overall improvement in their welling, when they were able to go out and “do things” with their best friends twice a week.

Image: lite987

When asked in the study what the preferred things to do were, the top answers were drinking beer, gossiping, and talking smack about their rivals — the performance of these activities aided in socialization, drinking, and generally getting together to laugh.

The study also focused on the many health benefits involved, as well.  These included the ability to recover quicker from illness, strengthening of the immune system,  reduction in overall anxiety levels, and an increase in levels of generosity.

Dunbar told The Huffington Post that the figure of going out twice a week came from the overall data that this is usually how much time we spend with our family and closest friends.  Dunbar also admitted that two in five women are able to go out twice a week with friends.  The numbers are even less if the women have family members to care for.