Girl Scouts Unveil New French Toast Inspired Cookie

Most Americans are familiar with Girl Scout cookies. In fact, the matter of which Girl Scout cookie is the best can be a controversial and heated discussion. But now, a brand new cookie is being introduced to the fold, and will change the game completely.

Girl Scouts is an American organization for girls that promotes leadership and personal development for youths. Girls complete tasks like building a fire, making crafts, participating in volunteer work, and selling cookies to build customer service skills, learn about business, build empathy, and earn badges to accomplish goals.

The newest cookie is called the Toast-Yay! and is basically a sweet twist on the popular breakfast food french toast. The cookie is a flat square, which is shaped like a piece of toast and has a french toast flavor with hints of cinnamon. On the bottom of the cookie is a thin layer of white icing. Also, the Gir; Scouts logo is imprinted on the top of the cookie.


These new cookies will be available during the 2021 Girl Scouts cookie season and will be available in a slim green colored box filled with a row of these cookies. Also, the french toast cookies are very large and are probably the biggest cookies in size offered by the brand.

In addition to the Toast-Yay! cookies, the 2021 Girl Scout cookie season will also include the popular thin mints, trefoils, tagalongs, samoas, do-si-dos, toffee tas-tic, caramel chocolate chip, and Girl Scout s’mores (the most recently added cookie until now).

All of the cookies will be available from socially distanced cookie booths, contactless sales through social media, word of mouth and even online ordering through the website.

Also, it should be noted that these new Toast-Yay! french toast cookies will only be available in select markets for the new cookie season to begin with. If you want to know if these new Toast-Yay! cookies will be available in your town, all you have to do is ask your local Girl Scout council.