Games Of Thrones Will Have At Least One Spinoff—Termed A Distant Prequel

As fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones begin to mourn its end, all is not lost.  As there are plans to visit the land of Westeros—just with a different set of characters.  George R. R. Martin, the creator of the legendary Westeros, has announced that there are currently at least three spinoffs of the massive series now in development.

Currently, halfway through what will be its final season, Game of Thrones is based on the Martin A Song of Ice and Fire novels.  For the past eight years, the series has pretty much been the flagship of HBO’s lineup, having garnered far-reaching critical acclaim for its intricate blending together of political intrigue and fantasy-based elements.

Image: GeekTyrant

With the series official end date set to be May 19th, the fans are already shifting their focus to the question—what next?  The spinoffs are what is next.  One series, with the current working title of The Long Night, will, in fact, be a very distant prequel to the current series Game of Thrones.  The plot states that the land of Westeros will still be featured, but in a time well before there was the existence of an Iron Throne.

Initially, rumors and speculation fancied the possibility of up to five spinoffs were actually in consideration for production.  The Long Night currently is the one that is said to be in fact moving ahead, with official releases of plotline details, confirmed casting, as well as a possible premiere date.  As for the other potential spinoffs, they are said to still be in various stages, and there was confirmation that Bryan Cogman’s spinoff is no longer going to happen.

Image: Variety

As for the possible other spinoff’s, Martin himself urged fans not to believe everything they hear.  He did say that The Long Night was to begin shooting next year, and two other possible spinoffs were still in the script phase but progressing nicely.