“Game of Thrones” Color Changing Can Released By Mountain Dew

We are just days away from the final season premiere of the medieval fantasy television series “Game of Thrones,” and the marketing campaigns are making their final pushes for advertisements. In addition to popular cookies showing the house sigils from the series, one soda company is making a splash with their new design.

Popular soft drink company Mountain Dew recently announced a color changing can that will promote the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones.” The all white can, or the “Can Who Has No Name” looks blank and stark white when it is kept at room temperature. Warmer temperatures keep the can white.

However, place the white can in the refrigerator and blue text slowly begins to appear on the can. The various blue fonts on the can contain the names of “Game of Thrones” characters which are on Arya Stark’s list in the series.


Some of these names are in a dark blue font and in all caps, and these names are for people who are still alive in the series. There are also names in a light blue font and all caps which are crossed out, which is an indication that those characters have already been killed in the series.

The names include Walder Frey, Melisandre, The Mountain, The Hound, and a few others. The list is apparently “a tribute to those killed and a glance at her remaining targets for the final season.” These cans also won’t be as available to the public as other soft drinks.

In order to get one of these white cans, customers will have to explain what they would do “#ForTheThrone on social media. Customers can use #ACanHasNoName #ForTheThrone and #MTNDEWsweepstakes for a chance to win a can on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  Fans in New York and Los Angeles can access a can through a special treasure hunt ending with a vending machine full with these white cans.