Gabrielle Union Talks About Self-Love Stunning In Neon Green Ensemble

Gabrielle shared two photos of herself rocking wearing a flowing neon green maxi skirt with a matching top by Black-owned clothing company “Ndigo Studio.”

She captioned to open up about the power of growth and self-love.


She began, “New Year, Still Healing, embracing personal evolution, accountability, and improved communication and always works on me and frees things that no longer serve me. Being clear about my boundaries and continuing to ask for help.”

Gabrielle continued, “I felt like I turned to dust in 2021, and I was circling the drain with a smile and a wave. I couldn’t continue classifying all of my trauma and pain – time to face the beast. To everyone slaying dragons seen and unseen while trying to be everything to everyone, I see you. love and good light people.”

In addition to her photos, Gabrielle also posed in the ensemble with her husband and former NBA star Dwyane Wade and their three-year-old daughter Kaavia.

She captioned the post, “2022 energy.”

In the recent interview, Gabrielle talks about giving her daughter and step-children some essential values, especially helping others.

Gabrielle explains, “It is about leading by example, getting to know people, and creating mentorships with no real connections. We know many people who talk a big game, and all they do is write checks, but there is no connection and humanity. There do not acknowledge somebody else’s humanity.”


She continues, “I think that’s what is missing from a lot of giving is recognizing the humanity of folks and that they are not unlike you. We are all a few steps away from being in the same boat, and we never prioritize stuff.”