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Five Reasons You Should Visit The Beach

Not that any of us really need an excuse to go to the beach, neuroscientists have given us five reasons anyway.  Other than the sand between your toes and the soft lapping of the water on the beach, there are other very beneficial reasons why a beach visit should be on your to-do list.

Stress Reliever

Studies have shown that the very sound and smell of the beach can help to significantly reduce our cortisol levels.  Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress.  Taking in a beautiful ocean view, and deeply breathing in the ocean air, with all its natural minerals, can go a long way to help you decompress and de-stress.

Aids In Depression

Fresh sea air is loaded with negative ions.  When you breathe these ions in, you are essentially balancing out the chemicals in your brain that work to combat the onset of depression.  A study conducted showed that those individuals who were exposed to negative ions tended to be more cheerful and suffer less depression and anxiety.  In addition, the color blue itself is known to bring about a feeling of peace, healing, and compassion.


Increases Creativity

Just the act of leisurely staring out upon the tranquil blue horizon can do wonders to tap into both your imaginative and creative side.  With the relaxation that you will achieve, you are won’t be so bogged down by the work-a-day demands that clutter and fill up your mind.  This will give you time to tap into your creative side and develop a world of new inspiration.

Ability To Focus

With all the negative ions on the air when you are a the beach, you are going to have a massive increase in both your focus and overall mental alertness.  Believe it or not, you will retain a sharper focus just simply by breathing in the air.  Your concentration will increase as well, which will lead to even better focus and mental acuity.


Overall Relaxation

Studies have shown that the sound of the sea water as it tickles the shoreline can have a calming effect, and have shown to in some cases alter brain waves.  Couple this with the calming effect that looking at the sea can give you, and you have the perfect recipe for allowing your brain, and body, to slow down and essentially recharge itself.

The sea, with both its sounds and its sights, is the perfect prescription for rest and relaxation.  Not only for your physical body, but for your mental state as well.  Why not head out to the beach and get in some recharge time and you will see just what a difference it can make.