First Trailer for The Addams Family 2

October is upon us and that means spooky movies are soon to be hitting theaters. While the sequel Halloween Kills will please the slasher-loving adults, kids won’t be left high and dry when it comes to Halloween fun. The Addams Family 2 is the animated sequel to 2019’s The Addams Family and will continue the darkly-comedic antics of the spooky-themed family. This film will be a summer theme finding the Addams on vacation and taking in the sun, or at least as much as their dark hearts can stomach.

With the film less than a month away, MGM is finally ready to pull the trigger on the first theatrical trailer. Check it out below:

Looking for a way to spook up your life? Pack your bags and join The Addams Family on their family road trip! 👻 Watch the new trailer for The #AddamsFamily2 now! They’ll make their first perilous pit stop in theaters and on-demand October 1.

The trailer reveals that the Addams will be taking trips to Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon while perhaps revealing more about the history of Wednesday Addams. Most of the familiar voice cast will return with the likes of Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Kroll, Javon “Wanna” Walton, Wallace Shawn, with Snoop Dogg as “IT” with Bette Midler and Bill Hader.

The Addams Family 2 will be hitting theaters and also debuting on-demand starting October 1st, 2021.