Fat Burning Bedtime Snacks

Most of us, even if we had a filling and satisfying dinner at one point or another will fall victim to wanting a bedtime snack.  The problem is that more often than not, late night snacking can lead to additional weight gain.

The evenings are a difficult time in themselves, as we have come home from a hard days work and do not always feel like cooking.  We are prone to just reaching for whatever we can find, and most assuredly it is not the most healthy of choices.

Instead of reaching for the typical processed and calorie filled foods that we usually do, why not try these healthier choices on for size.  As an extra added bonus, these choices have been shown to help to burn fat while you sleep.

Cherry Protein Shake

Not only will this shake provide you with necessary dietary fiber—a nutrient that not only fills you up but also helps you burn fat—cherries are a natural source for melatonin, which helps you sleep better.

Image: In the Kitchen with Jenny

Turkey and Pickle Wraps

Turkey is naturally packed with protein, which aids in the burning of fat.  It is also known to be a good sleep aide because it contains tryptophan—a naturally occurring amino acid that relaxes you and helps you sleep.  Adding the pickles gives the snack more flavor without adding many more calories.

Walnuts And Oatmeal

Walnuts, much like cherries, contain a natural source of melatonin.  Melatonin is known to help in the achieving of a restful sleep.  Walnuts also are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are suspected may prevent or even treat obesity.  Pairing your walnuts with oatmeal makes for a lot of healthy, filling carbs.

Image: WordPress

Decaf Iced Green Tea Smoothies

When it comes to trimming fat, nothing beats green tea.  Known as the “triple threat” in the food world, green tea is sugar-free, virtually calorie-free, and is a great source to boost your metabolism.  Add in the antioxidants it contains, which helps your body to heal itself while you sleep, and you have the perfect bedtime snack.

These are just a few of the available foods you can snack on before bedtime that will help you burn fat and in some cases help you sleep better.  You do not have to worry about going without, because you are afraid to gain more weight.  These suggestions will help you lose weight instead.