Fast Food Sides You Never Expected

The convenience of being able to pick up a quick bite, or even a meal, at any local fast food chain has become the norm for most families these days.  Along with that convenience is the assurance that the food we purchase is as advertised and safe for our consumption.   After the horror stories presented below, it is a very good assumption that those involved are sure to safely say that their fast food purchasing, and eating, days may very well be pretty much over.

Burger King

Once upon a time, the slogan for Burger King was “have it your way.”  However, I am pretty sure that when a retired Army sergeant ordered, then subsequently began to eat his BK burger, that what he discovered definitely wasn’t your usual condiment.  At a Burger King, on a Hawaiian base, the Army sergeant discovered needles in his sandwich.  The needles proceeded to pierce his tongue and lodge within his small intestines, requiring surgery.

Image: Youtube


Who doesn’t enjoy a good hot dog after a long and exhausting day of shopping?  Well, before you take a bite out of these dogs, you better check them over really carefully.  At a Costco in Irvine California, a young woman was enjoying her foot-long hotdog when she noticed something strange.  Thinking it was merely her braces, she never dreamed that her Hebrew National hot dog actually contained a nine-millimeter bullet round inside.


On your next trip to Arbys, when placing your order, it might be a good idea to glance around and make sure none of the food service personnel are sporting a bandage.  In Dayton Ohio, a customer reported that they discovered a piece of human flesh in their sandwich.  Health Investigators did note that the manager of the store had a bandage around his thumb.  Seems he sliced it when shredding lettuce, but it never occurred to him to dispose of the tainted produce.

Image: Taste Of Home


Another major chain was targeted by Jamie Oliver on his tv series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  On one episode of the show he exposed an ingredient he called “pink slime”.  Essentially the “slime” is what is left after removing all the actual meat ingredients from the McDonalds hamburgers.  This “slime” has been banned in the UK, however in the US as long as the substance is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill off any possible trace of the bacteria E. coli, there is no problem with its inclusion.  After Oliver brought the ingredient into the light, McDonalds stated they would quit using the company that included the “slime” in their products.

Taco Bell

When a couple placed their order at the drive thru of a Lake Wales Florida Taco Bell, thinking that they would like a little finger food, never dreamed that they would get actual “finger food”.  Upon eating an order of cheesy nachos, the couple discovered that the dish contained a fake acrylic nail.  After getting the run around from both the manager, and the corporate office, the couple stated that they would never eat at the fast food chain again.

The point here is this, when you purchase your meal from a fast food chain, you expect to get what is advertised.  However, it would seem that before enjoying your meal, it may be best to go over it with a fine-toothed comb, because you may very well have gotten a side of something you never expected.