Moms: It’s Time To Retire These 15 Fashion Looks

There’s no shame in being young at heart—so long as it has more to do with a sense of adventure than it does your wardrobe.  If you’re a mother of teenagers with whom you share a closet, though, then there’s a problem.  Sometimes it’s just NOT okay to borrow certain outfits.  And in some cases, many styles that were fashionable 15 years ago have gone totally out of fashion.

Sorry moms, but here we go.   Fifteen looks moms can’t–and shouldn’t–attempt to pull off in 2017.  Just remember: it’s never too late to mature.


Retire The Club Dresses

Motherhood doesn’t mean you can’t go have a few drinks with your girls, but it does mean staying clear of clubs where the average age is 21.

Don’t feel pressured to turn into Victoria Beckham overnight, but do feel pressured to dig a grave for those “club dresses” from college.

High-Waisted Jeans Are For Teens

High-waisted jeans, white crop tops, and side ponytails are a common look for pre-teens but should be left in adolescence.

Before you go into H&M and buy some, make a mental note: dark and dressy.  The right way to wear them in middle age would be dark, dressy, and with a blouse.

You’ve got this, mom!