Evil Dead To Return With New Director At Helm

News from Hollywood is that the dead shall rise and wreak havoc again—the Evil Dead, that is!

Creator and director of the original Evil Dead, Sam Raimi, has confirmed that a new entry into the classic horror movie franchise is indeed in the works.   It also seems that Raimi is handing the directing reigns over to someone else this time around, though.

Image: Comic Book

The news of the new sequel was announced at the New York Comic-Con, where Raimi was promoting his upcoming reboot of the classic The Grudge.  Although he did confirm more of the Dead was coming, he left it at that, not offering any further details.  He also confirmed that Bruce Campbell would also be involved with the film, however, in the capacity of producing only.  It seems that, according to Raimi, Campbell is:

“…tired of me throwing blood on him.”

It would be pretty hard to find a fan of the horror genre these days that haven’t seen, or at least heard of, the Evil Dead franchise.  The first entry was released onto the screen in 1981, starring fan-favorite B-actor Bruce Campbell as Ashley “Ash” Williams.

Image: Empire

Campbell’s character, Ash, travels to a remote cabin with his girlfriend, along with some pals in tow.  While there, he inadvertently conjures up a somewhat nasty demonic entity.

The original was not followed up for another six years, and the 1987 sequel includes one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise—that of Ash cutting off his very own hand after it becomes demonically possessed.

The trilogy was then finalized in 1992 with the time-traveling sequel Army of Darkness.

Who knew that the making of a campy horror film in the early 80s would end up launching the careers of two individuals who remain such massive fan favorites today—Raimi and Campbell.

And before you ask, the newest entry is being termed a reboot, with the introduction of a new protagonist to take over the helm from Campbell.

However, it has been confirmed that it will be a part of the same universe as that of the original classics.