Dunkin—Without The Donuts

The official announcement has been made – Dunkin Donuts is simply Dunkin now.  Having been known as Dunkin Donuts since, well, practically forever, the popular donut chain has decided to make a bold move, and rebranded its iconic name.

It is felt, according to a press release issued by the company, that since fans of the round confection pretty much lovingly refer to the restaurant chain as Dunkin already, the time had come to officially acknowledge the nickname.  The press release went on to comment on the company’s desire to:

“..transform itself into the premier beverage led, on the go brand.”

Image: The Denver Post

The actual truth behind the chains name change is, actually, a little more interesting.  It would seem that as of late, Dunkin Donuts has been selling more coffee than their namesake.  As a result, they are setting their eye on obtaining some of the market shares that Starbucks pretty much rules over. And, if that is really their intention, then the new name will play well into that strategy.

If the trying to compete to go over to becoming the choice in morning beverages really is the purpose behind the rebranding, then that causes more questions than it offers answers.  For example, is the donut business down so much, that a company known by its very name for the donuts its sell, will just chuck it all out the window, change their strategy and even change their name?  Has the healthy eating craze taken such a hold, that consumers are now turning their noses up at the thoughts of the sugary confections?

Image: DataHand

When the announcement of the name change was made, donut fans everywhere took to Twitter, and as such may have solved the mystery for us.  It would seem that Dunkin Donuts quit the process of making their donuts all day, as they had for years.  As a result, fans claimed that the donuts were not as fresh, and tasty, as they had been—unless you got there right when they were made.  Could this be the reason donut sales dropped off?  It could very well be.

Either way, the name change is a go and with it the new market strategy.  It will be interesting to see just how well this plays out to whether their sales will indeed increase, or drop even more. And they won’t have to come up with a new slogan, as “American runs on Dunkin” still fits the bill.