Dr. Pepper Flavored Cotton Candy Is Now A Thing

Dr. Pepper is one of the most popular soft drink flavors in America. The unique flavor of this soda has allowed it to appear in various types of candy flavors like bubble gum, ice cream and more. Now, Dr. Pepper is coming to the popular state fair food staple of cotton candy.

And the best part is that customers don’t need to travel to a state or county fair or carnival of some type to try this unique flavor. Dr. Pepper flavored cotton candy is available in grocery store shelves in the Northeast as well as online. The best part of this new find is that Dr. Pepper cotton candy is actually sold in bulk, so customers can buy twelve packs of cotton candy at once.

Food centric social media accounts have spotted the Dr. Pepper flavored cotton candy at the ShopRite grocery store in New Jersey, as well as many Walmart locations. Eager fans who live elsewhere in the country or overseas can browse for a taste of this new flavor as well.


Each individual bag contains about three ounces of cotton candy, which has a bit of a thicker consistency than traditional fair cotton candy, probably due to mass production, shipping, and packaging. Right now, a single bag retails for about two dollars, although customers can by this Dr. Pepper cotton candy as a twelve pack. The running price for a 12-pack on Amazon right now is about sixty dollars, so get some before they run out!

However, reviews of this new cotton candy flavor have been mixed, with some customers saying that the cotton candy tastes like the Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers lip balm, which was very popular in the early 2000s, while others call the Dr. Pepper flavor a bit weak compared to the actual soda.

Source: Southern Thing