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Dogs Are Mans Best Friend – And Now We Have Proof

In a new study released by Link AKC, it would seem that most pet owners would rather spend time with their pets than over their friends.

Anyone who is a current pet owner can tell you that this is pretty much the case.  Rather than go out with friends, and socialize, many want to stay home, snuggled up with their furry friend.

Image: Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

The study itself took two thousand dog owners and posed a series of questions about their life and relationship with their dog.  The questions were geared towards specific areas, such as the effect or impact of having a dog related to their physical, emotional and even mental well being.

The results showed that 82% of the dog owners surveyed stated that they felt that they had a significant improvement in both their mental and emotional health overall.  As well as 68% stating that they felt an improvement in their physical health in addition.

An average of six out of ten of those surveyed also stated that their dog helped them in some way, each day.  Singles surveyed stated that on an average of almost five days a week, their dog helped them through a stressful event.

In addition, 40% stated that their dog has helped them through the death of a loved and 20% stated that during a difficult breakup their dog was there.

Image: Odyssey

The CMO of Link AKC, the company that conducted the survey, stated:

“The physical benefits of dog ownership are often the first that come to mind, but we’ve found the emotional and mental health benefits of having a furry companion are just as impactful.  People consider their dogs members of their family and are looking for ways to connect and interact with them on a deeper level.”

It has always been said that a dog was man’s best friend.  And now, through this study, we have the numbers to back up that claim.