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Dog Owners Prefer Their Furry Babies To Most Humans In Their LIves

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has a furry baby, that a recent poll conducted by Rover, the online network of both dog sitters and dog walkers, that dog owners prefer the company of their dogs over most people.  As someone who has a furry baby of her own—this is pretty much true.

The poll was conducted with thousands of dog owners all across the United States, finding that as much as 94% of those questioned considered their dogs like family.  This, in itself, wasn’t that big of a surprise, however others areas of the data proved to be somewhat unexpected.

Image: 22 Words

Additional data results were posted by People Magazine, which indicated that of those surveyed, as many as 75% never once batted an eye at the thought of including their dog on the family vacations.

Other significant events that they stated they would include the family pooch were holiday cards, marriages proposals as well as marriages, and many other major life and family events.

Also of note was that 65% stated that they, in fact, take more pictures of their dogs than they do of their friends or even significant others.  When asked, 29% of those surveyed took this one step further and are prone to posting more pictures of their furry babies on their social media pages than they do of their friend, family, or even themselves.


When it came to dogs versus significant others, dogs pretty much ruled the school.  Of those with a significant other, 47% said they found it harder to leave their dogs when they are required to go out of town or overnights than it was to leave their partners.

Adding insult to injury, of the same group surveyed, 56% said when they did return home after being gone, they sought out and greeted their dog before even saying “hello” to their human family members.