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Dog Missing For 12 Years Found Over 1100 Miles Away

Here’s a story that will warm your heart on a cool fall evening.  A fourteen-year-old canine, by the name of Dutchess, was recently reunited with her owner after having disappeared 12 years ago.  The fox terrier’s owner is Florida-based however, the adventurous pup was found a whopping 1,000 miles away from home—in Pittsburgh no less!

Having been missing since 2007, the Humane Animal Rescue that found her said that little Dutchess had taken up residence under a shed this past Monday.  When they approached the tiny pup, she was hungry, shivering, and in severe need of a nail trimming.

Image: WPXI

Dutchess’ owner had chosen to chip her, and it was through the scanning of that very microchip that her owner, Katheryn Strang, was contacted.  Strang then drove a lengthy 1,130 miles, all the way from Boca Raton Florida to Pittsburgh to at last be reunited with her precious girl.

Strang stated that when she heard the news that little Dutchess had indeed been found, she was in utter shock and disbelief.

Image: Today Show

In 2007, Strang’s son opened the door to the family home in Orlando to go to school.  It was then that Dutchess darted out, never to be seen again, until now, 12 long years later.  Since the family lived on a busy street at that time, Strang assumed Dutchess was either hit by a car or maybe even picked up by a stranger.

Strang stated that, after her beloved Dutchess went missing, she checked every nearby animal shelter, in the hopes that the pup would eventually turn up.  She said she continued to keep her annual fees on Dutchess’ microchip up to date, as well as making sure to update the family’s contact information each and every time the family moved.

Strang spoke at a press conference, upon being reunited with Duchess, saying:

“They are like your babies.  You don’t give up hope.”

She then murmured softly to Dutchess asking:

“Where have you been?”