Make a Phone Holder From Old Toilet Paper

Whether good or bad, we pretty much use our phones for everything these days. It can be such a hassle to constantly be looking down at it, rearranging to be comfortable while reading things like recipes and blogs, it makes it such a hassle! That’s why this DIY phone holder is becoming increasingly popular it seems. Hey, if I don’t have to always be picking up my phone to read something, I’m all about trying this easy life hack!


Toilet paper roll
Washi tape
4 push pins

Step 1:

Place your phone on top of the toilet paper roll and trace around it with your marker. This will be the slit your phone will sit in when completed.

Step 2:

Use your scissors to cut the slit out of the roll


Step 3:

Using your washi tape, tape all around the roll covering the slit as well. Feel free to use different colors, or any type of fabric/cloth/paper to make it a pretty design. You will just need to glue on those items of course!

Step 4:

Cut the tape covering the slit and push excess tape inside the roll so it’s not sticking to your phone

Step 5:

Push your 4 pins into the bottom of the roll as they will be the “legs” that hold it sturdy. Be sure they are on the outer edge of the roll so that they don’t come close to your phone when in place and scratch it. Then enjoy!