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Dawn Detergent Isn’t Just For Dishes Anymore

When asked their go-to choice for cleaning the house most go with the answer of a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.  However, there is another product to add into the mix, that works just as well, if not better than most commercial brands of cleaners.  Dawn liquid dish washing detergent.  You heard me right—Dawn detergent.


One of the most grueling house cleaning tasks is that of cleaning the carpet.  Anything that has gotten ground into the fibers in most cases can most assuredly be a major hassle to get out.  By simply mixing Dawn detergent, oxyclean, and some hydrogen peroxide, you can make the cleaning of your carpet less of such a daunting task.  As an added benefit, you get a fresh smelling home.

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Cabinet Clean-up

No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to keep grease from touching every part of our kitchen.  Our cabinets more so than most spots.  When it comes time to clean them, mix Dawn liquid with some warm water.  Using a soft towel, you can banish all the grease buildup, and end up with cabinets looking pretty much brand new.

Stain Remover

Nothing is more irritating than when you are doing the laundry, go to throw a piece of clothing into the wash, and discover it has a stain.  However, by simply mixing a little hydrogen peroxide with Dawn liquid and gently rub it into the stain, then allow the piece to set for a while before tossing it in with the rest of the wash.  If the stain is particularly stubborn, use an old toothbrush to scrub in the solution.

Bring Cast Iron Back To Life

We all have either inherited a piece of cast iron or found one in our antiquing travels that is a little worse for wear.  By simply taking a mixture of water, vinegar, and Dawn detergent, along with some steel wool and the ever-popular elbow grease, you can turn what was once thought to be a well past its prime piece of iron into an almost brand spanking new piece of cookware.

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Shampoo For Your Furry Friend

Summertime means time spent outside with family and furry friends.  Unfortunately, it also means itching and irritation for your furry friend in the form of pesky fleas.  To help relieve the irritation of those little bugs, mix Dawn, vinegar and water in a soap dispenser with a pump.  When it comes time for a bath, use this mixture and the fleas will soon be a thing of the past.

As you can see, Dawn dishwashing liquid has a long list of uses other than washing dishes.  The next time you find yourself needing a cleaning product, try one of the suggestions above.  You won’t go wrong if you do.