Dairy Queen Releases Zero Gravity Blizzard For 50th Moon Landing Anniversary

In terms of amazing achievements, the United States landing a man on the moon is easily the most impressive accomplishment for the country in the last century. We sent a group of men to another planet, they landed and they came back to Earth. Another amazing part of this idea is that this historic moon landing actually happened fifty years ago.

That’s right! Man first landed on the moon back in 1969, and now in 2019, it is fifty years later. Popular ice cream fast-food chain Dairy Queen has found a way for customers to celebrate this historic occasion. Dairy Queen recently announced a limited time release of the Zero Gravity Blizzard, a new Blizzard flavor designed to commemorate the moon landing.

This galaxy inspired Blizzard comes in the regular blue Blizzard cup and is topped with a galaxy color swirl of blue, white and black swirls with sugar stars and balls placed around it to imitate the look of the galaxy. This new Zero Gravity Blizzard is “made with Oreo cookie pieces, sparkly cosmic swirls and sweet cotton candy topping blended with our world-famous soft serve and topped with colorful galaxy sprinkles.”


The name Zero Gravity Blizzard is meaningful to both the moon landing and Dairy Queen, as this blizzard does not move or fall out at all when it is turned upside down. In zero gravity in space, objects don’t move or fall, they simply float in the air.

The marketing campaign for this new Zero Gravity Blizzard includes the tag line ” served upside down or the next one’s free”  and includes a dark blue background with the top of the picture littered with stars very similar to a galaxy.

This Zero Gravity Blizzard is a limited time release for Dairy Queen, although it has not been revealed just for how long this moon landing inspired blizzard will be available to the public. The Zero Gravity Blizzard will be available at all participating Dairy Queen locations across the country, and will have the normal retail prices of the different Blizzard sizes available.

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