CW Announces Supernatural To End Next Year—How Will The Fifteen Year Long Series Choose To Leave Our Heroes?

Here that sound?

That is the sound of Supernatural fans worldwide trying to keep a stiff upper lip when at the same time their hearts are collectively breaking.  Why you may ask?

Because the announcement that we all knew was coming, but at the same time tried not to think about has arrived—next season, the fifteenth, will be the season’s swan song.  Unfortunately, you read right—Supernatural is coming to its fated end.

Image: Digital Spy

Ever since the news broke, and the fans got a little better handle on themselves, the web has been buzzing with both speculations on how the brother’s story will come to an end.

And yet, there are those who have thrown out some pretty off the wall ideas.  One of which, at first glance, a fan would say NO—but when given time to contemplate the idea, it really makes the most sense.

Simply put—Sam and Dean should die in the series finale.  That is right, I said it.  Anyone who has watched the show over the years knows that the brothers, neither of them, are the settling down and having kids type—been there, done that, never came close to working out.  Now, before you get your panties all in a snit, let me tell you why many fans believe this is the only real manner in which to end the series.

Sam and Dean Winchester are Hunters—always have been, always will be—and as Hunters, they, themselves, already know there is only one logical path to take in their lives.  They hunt things, they save people—it is the family business.

Image: TV Insider

Now, with that said, them dying just for the sake of dying would not work.  They need to go down in a blaze of glory—with guns blazing and bullets flying.  This truly, in most fans minds, would be the most respectable manner in which to end the fifteen-year-long story of the brothers.

Unless—and this has not even been mentioned as a possibility so there is a little stretching here—unless there are plans in the future for a mini-series/tv movie type deal.  Then it may be best not to kill them after all.

Whether the plan is to actually kill the characters off, or set up some other ending, one thing fans know for sure.  Come spring of 2020, the end will come, and it really will not matter which manner it is done in—it will be a sad day in fandom either way.