Could Black Adam Become The DCEU’s New Main Superhero?

If you were to ask the actor who will be portraying Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the answer is a resounding—YES!

Many fans are undoubtedly talking about the fact that The Rock will soon arrive on the scene as Black Adam, but they may find that it will not only shake up but also create good things for the future of the franchise.

Although the extent of Johnson’s contract obligations with DC is not known, it is a pretty sure bet that he will be around at least long enough to give an invigorating “shot in the arm” for the struggling franchise.   Johnson has always let it be known that he is a fan of the DCEU and has more than once said he would like to aid in the elevation of the franchise.

He even was so bold as to issue a personal warning to the big shots over at the Marvel Cinematic Universe about how the introduction of his Black Adam will create a significant shift in the comic book genre film industry.

Image: IGN

It seems that Johnson, himself, has some audacious plans for the DCEU, and as a result is wanting to be the lead in the franchise moving forward and prospering.  It is being said that Johnson wants to become the main hero in the DCEU.

That seems like a pretty grand plan, as for decades, the franchise has revolved and relied on characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Then again, with Superman’s future up in the air and Batman being replaced every time fans turn around, it would seem that Johnson may have a chance of achieving his goal.

It is undeniable that the DCEU has been one hot mess as of late.  Many fans believe that the only manner to save the franchise is to flip the switch and perform a total reset and reboot.