Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch Now Exists

Cereal is one of the most common and most well-known breakfast foods available today. Cereal also tends to have seasonal fun flavors or follow the latest food trends to attract more customers. One of these changing cereals is Cap’n Crunch, the crunchy sweet corn cereal with a lovable captain as its mascot.

Since it is summer, popular sweet treats like cotton candy are much more readily available to the public. Cotton candy is also a super popular flavor to add into other foods like bubble gum, cereal and even grapes (Thanks Trader Joe’s!). Now, Cap’n Crunch is the latest kid cereal to add a cotton candy flavored twist.

Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch is a box of sugary goodness, which is still a sweetened corn cereal, but with different colored cereal balls inside. The puffs in each box are a mixture of blue and pink, which are the two colors in which cotton candy is available. There is also an added sugary sweetness to this cereal, which sets it apart from the regular version.


Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch is available at major retailers like Walmart and Target, and customers can also ship this item via two-day delivery or pick up with same day delivery. This cereal is not expected to be a limited edition item, and will be available on major grocery store shelves across the United States by the end of June.

I addition to Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch, there are other Cap’n Crunch cereal flavors on the shelves like Peanut Butter, All Berries, and Sprinkled Donut Crunch.  There is no official retail price for this new cereal, although it should be similarly priced to other flavors. This flavor also marks the first time that cotton candy has been used in a breakfast cereal and the reviews so far have been super positive.

Source: Snackgator