Cool Whip Announces It Newest Mix-In Flavor Addition—Worthy Of A Celebration

Ask anyone you know, and they will tell you that Cool Whip is pretty much a staple at any get-together or holiday function.  It is the ultimate companion to any slice of pie—especially apple.  However, the makers of Cool Whip are taking their much-loved food addition to a whole new level.

Cool Whip has announced that they are adding yet another fabulous flavor to their Mix-In line.  Previous renditions included the classic whipped topping mixed with oreo cookies and double chocolate brownies.  As if that wasn’t enough to get your sweet tooth taking notice, now Cool Whip has a Birthday Cake tub—and I could so see myself eating this stuff right out of the tub by the spoonful.

The Birthday Cake flavor has rainbow sprinkles mixed all through the whipped topping, creating a pink-tinted frozen delight.  Although there has been no official confirmation form Kraft Heinz as to when we can expect this newest flavor to hit stores, there have been several Instagram posts already showing that there are some tubs available out there now.  One Instagram account stated “it’s not lacking in flavor,” and the originator of the post gave it a score of 10 out of 10.

Image: Yahoo Finance

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that we should live each day of our lives to the fullest—meaning who is to say that we can’t live each day like it’s our birthday as well?  If so, it would only follow that if one wanted to grab a spoon, and indulge themselves in the Birthday Cake flavor of the newest Cool Whip, then who are we to say that is wrong?  I know I don’t believe so.

With what seems to be limited availability at the moment, all we can do now is keep our eyes peeled when at the store, and our sweet tooth wrangled for the moment.  Our patience will eventually pay off, as we will ultimately be able to experience the Birthday Cake Cool Whip flavor first hand—and what a glorious day that will prove to be.