Controversial Thriller Film The Hunt Getting March Release

Back in September, Blumhouse was planning to release a new action-thriller with horror leanings called The Hunt. The film’s trailer suggested it would be akin to The Deadliest Game, where humans are hunted for sport. The catch with this particular picture would be that the hunting villains would be the liberal elites and that the prey would be conservatives.

Though the film was due to be released in September, a backlash from conservatives forced the film to be pulled from theaters. This is kinda laughable because as far as thrillers of humans being hunted in a dystopian society, the prey are typically the heroes who rally against those seeking to slaughter them. Have the complaining conservatives ever seen The Hunger Games or were they just rooting for the adults who wanted to see those teenagers slaughtered? It’s even more laughable considering that very month saw the release of Ready or Not, a similar thriller where traditional conservatives were without question the villains.

At any rate, Universal has taken this controversy and is playing it up for the biggest box office they can gross from the provocative nature of such a picture. They are now shooting for a March 13th release date and have just released a new trailer and poster. The poster is of particular note because it really leans in hard to the film being one of controversy despite not having been placed in theaters yet. Several quotes about a film that hasn’t been seen being despicable or the problem with Hollywood now cover the background and urge the viewers to check out the movie on this basis alone.

So if you were curious what all these rumblings in September were about, you’ll finally find out what caused a stir in March when the film finds itself in theaters.