Common Signs That You May Be Dehydrated

As we start to enter into some of the hottest days of the year, we really need to make sure we keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated.  Dehydration can affect just about every system in your body and can at times even lead to deathly consequences.  In order to sufficiently stave off dehydration, one must first know the warning signs.

Extreme Thirst

The best rule of thumb is to always listen to your body.  It will always let you know what it needs when it needs it.  As the days get hotter we sweat more, and with sweating come the loss of hydrating moisture within our skin.  When this happens our brain is alerted, which in turn causes us to feel extremely thirsty, giving us the signal to drink more water.

Image: Fethiye Times

Dry Mouth

This is a classic sign that many people just do not know means that they are dehydrated.  When your tongue and mouth are so dry they are almost sticky, you are basically past the point of thirst.  At this point, you are officially dehydrated.

Sleepy or Lethargic

Many people know that with the hot summer days come a feeling of lethargy or what some call laziness.  But, this may not always be the case.  When you are dehydrated your system slows down, to reserve what little hydration it has.  If you are feeling sleepy try drinking a glass of water.  It might just help.

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Can’t Urinate

The normal individual, if sufficiently hydrated will urinate six, to eight, to even ten times a day.  If you find that you aren’t urinating very often, or even can’t urinate at all, then it may very well be that your body has simply run out of any excess fluid.

Dark Yellow Urine

If you have noticed that your urine is a little darker yellow than usual, and you know of no other health concerns, then it may be a signal that you are dehydrated.  If you are properly hydrated, you will not see this change in color.

The main point here is simple—hydration is an essential element to your body functioning properly.  If dehydration is allowed to persist, it can very well result in some long-lasting detrimental consequences.