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Coffee Drinkers: Watch Out For These Signs Of A Caffeine Overdose!

Caffeine is everyone’s solution to a hectic, drowsy Monday morning. Whether you prefer a perfectly crafted latte, iced coffee, or a strong shot of espresso, coffee makes your day much brighter — and easier to get through. Although we joke about death before decaf — do you really know the effects of caffeine on your body, and are there really any dangers?

Caffeine causes your brain to release adrenaline, which means your heart will be pumping faster than normal. Caffeine doesn’t just affect your brain, but your nervous system and in turn your entire body. Although caffeine is fine in moderation, coffee drinkers shouldn’t indulge in more than four cups of joe a day, and they should preferably drink two per day, according to the Washington Post.

Most people are able to shake off a mild caffeine overdose by waiting for its effects to run their course, but if you experience any of these symptoms in extreme excess you should seek medical attention!

The Jitters And Overall Uneasiness

A jittery, nervous feeling may be the first sign of a caffeine overdose. Nausea and accompanied dizziness may also be present. Digestive issues may flare up, such as diarrhea, since caffeine can stimulate the digestive tract and colon.

Extreme Lack Of Sleep

Insomnia is another sign of a possible caffeine overdose, and ingesting an excessive amount of coffee can take up to 24 hours to leave your system. Try to cut off your caffeine intake in the early afternoon to avoid lack of rest later on!

Chest Pains And Palpitations

A racing heartbeat may not be life-threatening to someone without any medical conditions, but people who take excessive caffeine in the form of pills or those who have a heart condition can experience lethal cardiac arrest.

If you are ever unsure if you are experiencing a severe caffeine overdose, seek the help of a medical professional or go to the emergency room!